How to Apply for A Beacon of Hope Scholarship    

Who is eligible?

All students in grades K-12 are eligible as long as they are enrolled in an Albany Diocesan elementary or secondary school. The scholarship is awarded in various amounts for one school year.  To be considered for a Beacon of Hope Scholarship, families must apply annually.

The application process is broken down into the following steps:

Required completion and verification of the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment at

Completion of  the Beacon of Hope Parent/Guardian Application Form submitted by the family requesting scholarship support and delivered to the principal by April 1 (See below for link to application form).

The school principal then completes the Beacon of Hope Scholarship Recommendation Form and, along with the family's application form, has them delivered to the Catholic School Office by April 15.

Once this process is completed, the Catholic School Office and the Diocesan Scholarship Committee review the applications. PLEASE NOTE: If just one of these steps is incomplete your application cannot move forward.

Deadline to Apply:

Principals collect the applications from the families by April 1 and submit them to the Catholic School Office with their recommendations by April 15.

Selection Process: 

The Diocesan Scholarship Committee reads through and scores all applications and determines the recipients.


The selection process is completed in May. Each school is then sent a list of awardees, and the families that have been chosen to receive an award are notified by a letter from the Catholic School Office. In late September, the schools are sent the list again for the purpose of verifying that the students who are award recipients have enrolled in the school. If they have not, an alternate recipient is selected by the Diocesan Scholarship Committee and the family and school are notified.

To access the Parent/Guardian Beacon of Hope Application Click here


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