Our History

Launched in September 2006, the Beacon of Hope Scholarship Fund provides students from financially struggling families with tuition assistance at the Catholic Schools in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany.  

It's a great start.  But it is not enough to meet the need. 

The Beacon of Hope Diocesan Scholarship Committee receives an average of 240 applications per year. The committee has a nearly impossible task: to select around 20 percent of those applicants as the recipients of the scholarship. Year after year, it is evident that nearly every student that applies needs and deserves tuition assistance. Their parents sacrifice whatever they have to in order to send their children to Catholic school; working several jobs, devoting countless hours to the school, relying on the help of extended family members, and even going into debt. 

In addition to their evident financial challenges, the common sentiment expressed by all of the applicants' parents and guardians - regardless of race, gender or religion - is the hope, faith and happiness their children receive at a Catholic school. 

To only accept students whose families can pay the full tuition would be an injustice to those that desire a Catholic Education but simply do not have the means. It is already out of reach for so many.  No child should be left behind because all children, regardless of where they live or their background, deserve the very best. And they can find that within Catholic schools. 

Through the Beacon of Hope Scholarship Fund, we are not only helping families today, we are helping to shape the families of tomorrow. 

Our Funding

Beacon of Hope is primarily funded by individuals with support from corporations and foundations. 100% of all contributions go directly to tuition assistance, with no administrative costs.

Our Future

Our Catholic schools continue to be a stronghold for families who desire a quality, faith-filled, wholistic education for their children for the difference it will make in their lives. The Beacon of Hope Scholarship Fund remains committed to advancing the mission of our Catholic schools and partnering with our generous benefactors who recognize and honor this desire through donations of time, talent and treasure. 


Donate Now!

Create opportunity
Hundreds of students in the Diocese are looking for a Beacon of Hope. By contributing, you will have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of young people by helping to keep them enrolled at a Catholic School where they will flourish.


Join us
There are many ways to volunteer your time and talent to help grow the Beacon of Hope Fund, from joining our Advisory Council, becoming a parish ambassador to helping at an event. Interested in volunteering? Please contact the Catholic School Office at 453-6602.


Support us
Thanks to our corporate partners, the Beacon of Hope Fund is able to support more students in need. Our partners sponsor events and marketing efforts in order to help raise more money and spread the word about the Beacon of Hope.