Our Schools

There are 22 Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Albany; 18 elementary schools and 4 high schools. For a listing of schools and their locations, please visit www.higherpoweredlearning.org/schools.

A commitment to Catholic education is a commitment to excellence.

Did you know?  Research shows that graduates of Catholic Schools are more likely to go onto college, earn a higher income and give back to their communities. Grounded in the values of the Catholic faith, Catholic Schools partner with parents to nurture the whole child - head, hands and heart - to become caring, active citizens and leaders of our communities. Not only do Catholic Schools have character and faith formation down pat, they have a superior academic record. 

Students attending Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Albany:

Consistently surpass the New York State performance averages on standardized examinations.
Graduate from their high schools at nearly 100%.
Customarily matriculate to the finest institutions of higher education.

Our students are compelled to place their acquired skills, knowledge and expertise at the service of others - to excel not only in the classroom - but to inspire others to achieve excellence.